What Do Freezer Users Want in a Perfect Door Handle?

After introducing our revolutionary Stirling engine, the most significant ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer innovation in decades, we knew that our goal of innovating ULT technology was far from complete. Continuous improvement has always been a part of our DNA at Stirling Ultracold, and we strive to be “best in class” in every ULT freezer category.  For this reason, we have continued to listen and gather feedback from freezer users, which is helping us learn how to make a great freezer even better.

A theme that we have heard throughout the researcher community is that there is a less-than-favorable perception of freezer door handles across our industry.  To us, this presented an opportunity to provide our customers with a “best in class” door handle through our continuous improvement process.  This led our engineering team to begin exploring an improved handle design, guided by key attributes that would define a “perfect” door handle.

We determined that a perfect ULT freezer door
handle should . . .

  • Enable one-hand door opening and closing (allowing the handling of samples with the other hand)
  • Provide an easier and quicker way to open frozen, vacuum-sealed doors
  • Assure an easy, reliable and effective gasket compression seal upon door closure
  • Provide built-in door locking security

A New Door Handle for the SU780UEhandle-blog-image

Having completed our design exploration, prototyping and reliability testing over 35,000 open/close cycles (equivalent to 20 years of normal use), all Stirling Ultracold SU780UE upright freezers will now come equipped with a brand new door handle that fulfills the above design goals.

Just like our other freezer innovations, this new handle has unique patent pending features that are not available on any other ULT door handle. This includes our new Kickout-Release™ feature with cam-actuated, 90° rotation that applies a mechanical advantage to quickly open frozen and vacuum sealed doors.

Upgrade Handles on Stirling Freezers You Already Have

We also designed our improved handle to be field-installable on all existing Stirling Ultracold SU780U/UE model upright freezers. A handle “upgrade kit” is now available for freezers in the field, at a price that compares favorably to industry aftermarket pricing for replacement door handles.  Contact your Stirling Ultracold account manager, email us at upgrade@stirlingultracold.com or call us at 1-740-274-7980 for handle upgrade pricing and details.

Video shows open/close mechanical testing of the new SU780UE freezer door handle over 35,000 cycles