Portable/Deployable Model: Shuttle™ ULT-25NE

Bringing ULT Storage to the Patient: The Clinical Trials & Drug Delivery Problem Solver

The Shuttle™ is the only portable ULT freezer solution available today for bringing ULT storage to the patient. This small, lightweight, and efficient portable -80°C freezer is ideal for clinical trials and biologic drug delivery.

Imagine the confidence of knowing that your biologic drugs are always safely preserved at clinical sites, or being able to collect samples and specimens for clinical trials and feel safe that your samples are staying at ultra-low temperatures. The Shuttle makes that possible.

Shuttle™  ULT-25NE Benefits

  • Portable, reliable, continuous ULT operation.
  • Wide temperature range of -20°C to -86°C.
  • Weighs only 46 lbs. It can easily and inexpensively be shipped anywhere in the world as a parcel.
  • Built-in universal power supply, so the Shuttle can plug into any AC or 12v DC outlet worldwide.
  • 100% natural refrigerants. There are no special export shipping classifications required.
  • NO Compressors to fail, only 2 moving parts!
  • Holds 18-2 inch boxes in a very small footprint.

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