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Stirling Ultracold, part of BioLife Solutions, is now offering a discount for new ULT freezer orders:  

  • 5% discount on any new ULT order over $50,000
  • Orders must be placed by 30 December 2022.
  • Includes any combination of Stirling Ultracold freezers summing to $50,000.
  • Freezer delivery within the promotional period cannot be promised.
  • To qualify, please complete the form below.


portable freezer


The ULT25NEU is the only truly portable ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer available today for bringing cold chain sample storage products to patients and remote sites. 

Basic Specs

  • Storage Volume: 25 liters (0.9 cu.ft.)
  • Storage Capacity: 18 standard 2” boxes
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to -86°C @ 32°C (90°F) ambient, uniformity +/- 3°C at -80°C top to bottom, adjustable in 1°C increments. Default temperature setting is -80°C. Preset options are -80°C, -40°C and -20°C.
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undercounter range


The Stirling Ultracold SU105UE undercounter ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer is ideal for bench-side personal storage to maximize cu. ft./cu. m in item storage capacity or for use in areas where larger-volume ULTs are not suitable. It is ideal for storing valuable samples from -20 °C to -86 °C.

Basic Specs

  • Storage Volume: 105 liters (3.7 cu.ft.)
  • Storage Capacity : 72 standard 2” boxes in optional racks, available separately
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to -80°C @ 32°C (90°F) ambient, adjustable to 1°C increments
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upright range


The Stirling Ultracold SU780XLE is a reliable and energy-efficient upright ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer. These scientific freezers are designed for the widest temperature range and precise temperature control. They are ideal for maximizing the cu. ft/cu. m. of your freezer space and ensure the most item storage for samples in your cold chain.

Basic Specs

  • Storage Volume: 780 liters (27.5 cu. ft.)
  • Storage Capacity: 600 standard 2” boxes in optional racks, optional 700-box system, available separately
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to -80°C @ 32°C (90°F) ambient, adjustable to 1°C increments
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To qualify for this promotion, please complete the following form.  Once submitted, your Stirling Ultracold Sales Representative will follow up, directly. 



What are Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers used for?

Ultra-low temperature freezers are ideal for storing valuable laboratory materials such as biological samples, vaccines, enzymes, viruses, bacteria, cell preparations, and tissue samples.

Ultra-low freezers come in various sizes and designs. Laboratories can choose from designs such as ULT chest freezer, upright ULT freezer, and ULT bench-top freezer. Your ultra-low temperature freezer size can depend on how much storage is required and the available footprint space in the lab.

Stirling Ultracold offers ultra-low temperature freezers that are innovative -with deliver best-in-class service. With a reputation that you can trust, Stirling Ultracold freezers store samples efficiently with precise control.

How does an ultracold freezer work?

Traditional ULT freezers are equipped with cascade compressor cooling technology, which consists of two or more vapor compressors that use refrigerant and a heat exchanger to cool the freezer. Traditional ultra-low temperature freezer units use a significant amount of energy when compared to the newer energy efficient units that are available on the market.

Stirling Ultracold uniquely offers ULT freezers that rely on advanced free-piston Stirling engine technology that is ENERGY STAR certified and won’t compromise performance in order to achieve high efficiency. The simple free-piston Stirling engine design uses a reciprocating piston and displacer, along with a continuous, gravity-driven thermosiphon to cool the cabinet interior.

How much does a ULT freezer really cost?

ULT freezer purchase prices depend on freezer size.  The smaller the unit, the less expensive, with size and price continuing to be a trade-off.  To understand if you have special account-based pricing for these models, it is best to work with your Stirling Ultracold Sales Representative, directly.  Please remember, the cost of a ULT freezer goes beyond the initial price for the unit. To calculate the total cost of owning an ultra-low temperature freezer you must factor in the purchase price, the cost of energy, cooling, floor space and parts replacement. Check out this blog post for more information.

How cold does it get inside the cabinet of an ultra cold freezer?

Most ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers store contents at a range of -40°C to -86°C. Stirling Ultracold is unique in that its compressor-free design provides an energy-efficient ULT freezer that maintains storage temperature setpoints between -20°C to -86°C.

How long do lab freezers last?

A typical ultra-low freezer will last about 10-12 years if maintained properly and kept in a temperature-regulated room. Proper freezer placement and regular maintenance schedule can minimize energy consumption and ensure a longer life span for your ultra-low freezer.

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