We Removed the Compressors, You’re Welcome.

Better Reliability, Sample Safety and Efficiency

For decades, labs, biorepositories and research facilities settled because of the disadvantages that came with compressor-based ULT freezers. They accepted the inconsistent temperatures, high energy costs, unexpected failures and time-consuming maintenance demands inherent with the status quo.

That didn’t sit right with us.

So we replaced the compressors in favor of the free-piston Stirling engine. By eliminating compressors, we created ULT storage solutions that perform better, cost less to operate, save space, and keep your samples safer than ever before.

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Believe in Breakthroughs

Stop worrying about reliability.
Since the Stirling engine only has two moving parts (which never contact one another), there is no component wear, no lubrication in the system, and virtually nothing to fail.

Reduce energy use by 75%.
Our ULT freezers use up to 75% less energy than standard compressor-based units, which leads to lower infrastructure and HVAC costs.

Slash annual operating costs by 40%.
Standard compressor-based freezers cost you in energy consumption, maintenance, building HVAC costs and floor space. Our compressor-free units can save you 40% per year in operating expenses, giving you the lowest lifetime cost of operation by sample of any ULT freezer.

Create safer storage conditions.
Compressors continually cycle on and off, creating inconsistent temperatures, potentially compromising sample safety. Our compressor-free units maintain constant steady-state temperatures, keeping samples safer longer.

Store more samples per footprint.
Compressors require a lot of space, which takes up valuable storage capacity. Our compressor-free ULT freezers have the largest storage volume per sq. ft. of floor space of any available freezer.

Significantly minimize your environmental impact.
Our ULT freezers use 100% natural refrigerants and deliver the industry’s lowest energy consumption with the smallest operating carbon footprint.

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