Stirling Ultracold freezers offer long-term ultra-low storage solutions for biobanks. These freezers use advanced free-piston Stirling engine technology and operate between -20℃ and -86℃. The Upright SU780XLE is the best performing energy-efficient ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer available and is the ideal and flexible choice for biobanks looking to protect all types of biological specimens.

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Upright SU780XLE Features

Whether you are looking to improve your long-term storage capacity, reduce laboratory energy consumption or save valuable laboratory floor space, the SU780XLE ultra-low freezer is sure to meet all your biobanking needs.

  • Protect your irreplaceable samples
    • Biobank samples must maintain a consistent temperature to avoid sample degradation. Unlike standard compressor-based models that regulate temperatures with on-off cycles, the SU780XLE continuously modulates cooling capacity to protect biological samples by maintaining a constant temperature (+/-1℃ at steady state). Even after the freezer doors have been opened, the SU780XLE will quickly return to -80℃ ultra-low setpoint, ensuring your samples are safe. For added security, freezer doors are lockable with optional PIN requirements built-in.
  • Reduce Laboratory energy consumption
    • Compared to other models on the market, the SU780XLE is a highly sustainable, energy-efficient, ultra low-temperature freezer. With the industry’s top-rated ENERGY STAR certification,it uses up to 75% less energy than standard compressor-based models. By reducing your ultra-low temperature freezer energy costs, it will also reduce your HVAC costs, electrical infrastructure, and freezer backup power requirements.
  • Increase your sample storage capabilities and save valuable floor space
    • The SU780XLE ultra-low freezer will make sample management easy by providing your biobank with the largest cu ft/m storage capacity per square foot/meter of floor space. Able to hold 600 or 700 standard 2″ boxes with high-density storage racks, this ultra-low freezer will allow you to best utilize your laboratory floor space and maximize your storage capabilities.
  • Focus on Long Term Laboratory Sustainability
    • The SU780XLE ultra-low freezer will improve your laboratory sustainability by allowing you to use less energy and reduce your operating carbon footprint. With its use of EPA SNAP-approved 100% natural refrigerants, this biobank freezer is the most environmentally sustainable ultra-low temperature freezer on the market.
  • Remote Freezer Monitoring and Management 
    • The SU780XLE allows for the monitoring of sample storage through available onsite wireless or wired infrastructure to transmit data to BMS/BAS systems in BACnet™ protocol or use the MQTT onboard server for integrating 3rd-party data or custom monitoring systems. Optional SenseAnywhere wireless temperature monitoring and logging are also available with easy setup and access via the cloud.


The SU780XLE delivers long-term advantages across your entire research organization.

Protecting your Sample Integrity

  • Modulated cooling capacity eliminates on/ off cycling, improves the quality of cold 
  • 100% adaptive control – faster temperature pull-down and recovery
  • Lockable door with optional PIN requirement built-in for sample security

Protecting the Environment

  • Uses up to 75% less energy than standard compressor-based systems 
  • Uses EPA SNAP-approved 100% natural refrigerants 
  • Zero Waste process and environmentally friendly foam insulation blowing agent used in product manufacturing 
  • Smaller operating carbon footprint per sample than any competing product

Protecting your Operating Budget

  • Reduces electric utility costs
  • Reduces heat output and HVAC cost of operations
  • Size and high density storage volume allows you to maximize floor space
  • Lowest ongoing maintenance requirements and service costs



Increase your biobanks storage capabilities with the SU780XLE ultra-low freezer. When compared to competitors, the SU780XLE has a smaller physical footprint with the same or higher storage capacity. It can also be placed directly against the wall and does not need much offset between other biobank freezers, saving you valuable laboratory floor space. Your biobank will also benefit from the high sample density this ultra-low temperature freezer can hold. Fifteen Stirling SU780XLE freezers can store 1,200-2,200 more 2-inch sample boxes in the same space as 13 competitive models.