High-quality, innovative ultracold storage systems for biopharma research


In the time of precision medicine, drug discovery requires advanced solutions to produce new treatments for critically-ill patients. Biopharmaceutical products are more diverse than ever and have sparked the need for innovation in new instrumentation, techniques and collaborations across multiple companies and industries. At Stirling Ultracold, we partner with biotech, pharmaceutical, logistics and research institutions to provide cooling and cold storage solutions to meet these new needs. We offer high-quality innovative ultracold storage systems for biopharma research.

SU780XLE Upright Ultra-low Temperature (ULT) Freezer

This freezer is the most energy-efficient ULT on the market. The SU780XLE delivers benefits like:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Minimal laboratory space requirements
  • Reduced energy use

Storing biologic materials in our SU780XLE achieves these benefits while keeping precious samples safe because it uses a breakthrough free-piston Stirling engine. Most freezers use compressor-driven ULT technology now known for its high failure rate, ultimately adding risk to the storage process.

Our freezers keep scientific samples safe. Scientists rely on biological samples that are often irreplaceable, and we strive to keep them safe with our innovative engine technology.

Our freezers deliver continuous, adjustable cooling to regulate temperatures. This means that your temperatures will remain more consistent in the widest range of operating conditions because it doesn’t use on/off cycles to regulate temperatures the way compressor-based ultra-low freezers do. 

You can store more samples in less space because our ULT has the largest cu ft/m storage capacity per per footprint of floor space. This allows you to potentially purchase less freezers and save more money in the long run.

At Stirling Ultracold, we offer freezers that make storing biopharma products easy. And our freezers provide biorepository customers with the confidence of delivering biostorage research with high sample integrity.


Biopharma Challenges

Some of the challenges to biopharma product storage services include:

  • The request for affordability and better access
  • Complexity and intricacy of biopharma supply chains and operations
  • Up-to-date technology platforms and connectivity
  • Compliance process excellence and sample management scrutiny

When challenges arise in the complicated life sciences marketplace, Stirling Ultracold solutions offer resource and expertise in the form of::

  • Loyalty to partnering
  • Experience with assorted delivery systems and biologic materials
  • Expertise in scientific knowledge and manufacturing
  • Manufacturing capabilities across the world
  • Support services that include formulation development, freezer maintenance and sales and marketing capabilities

Biopharma Solutions 

In the past, Stirling Ultracold has partnered directly with Biopharma customers to develop processes and provide ULT scientific expertise. With the recent support we provided for the COVID-19 pandemic, we now also have strong contacts and connections within many of our ultracold chain logistics partners. These relationships provide robust delivery plans, custom support services, development services for solutions, suspension and lyophilized dosage forms and the potential ability to accommodate demand surges and high-speed reaction to market fluctuations.


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