Unmatched 80°C Storage Advantages Across the COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Chain

Our breakthrough cooling technology makes the Stirling Ultracold line of ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers uniquely efficient, lightweight and flexible enough to meet today’s unprecedented COVID-19 vaccine cold chain deployment challenges.


ULT Reliability in the Broadest Range of Operating Conditions

  • Widest temperature range: The ONLY commercially available ULT freezers that safely maintain temperatures from -86°C to -20°C and meet the cold storage efficacy requirements of most COVID-19 vaccine candidates, regardless of which are ultimately approved.
  • Universal power and voltage: All our units plug into 110V outlets and can be used worldwide without modifications. They are even brownout-tolerant.
  • Reliable Operation: Stirling Ultracold freezers operate in higher ambient room temperatures with minimal heat output.
  • Connectivity: Building management system IOT connectivity available.

Breakthrough Portability and Flexibility for Remote and Clinical Uses

  • Clinical: Portable and undercounter models bring -80°C vaccine storage to all points of patient care.
  • Multipurpose: The -86°C to -20°C range is adaptable to more situations, including freezer backup.

Smallest Facility Footprint With Lowest Operating Cost

  • Space: Store more vaccine and biospecimen inventory in less space within our compact footprint. The SU780XLE has the largest storage capacity per square foot/meter of floor space in its class.
  • Energy: Our revolutionary Stirling engine uses less energy per sample capacity to help maintain lower energy costs. Our SU780XLE is ENERGY STAR® certified.
  • Infrastructure: Significantly reduced power distribution/switchgear, backup power and HVAC system requirements.

Rapid Freezer Deployment

  • Delivery: Product can delivered quickly to help meet critical ULT storage needs.*
  • Setup: Fastest and simplest installation without modifications to building power or HVAC.

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