Unmatched 80°C Storage Advantages Across the COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Chain

Our breakthrough cooling technology makes the Stirling Ultracold line of ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers uniquely efficient, lightweight and flexible enough to meet today’s unprecedented COVID-19 vaccine cold chain deployment challenges.


Watch Fox Business Video Featuring Stirling Ultracold CEO

Stirling Ultracold CEO looking forward to being part of coronavirus vaccine distribution

Stirling Ultracold CEO Dusty Tenney discusses his company, which supplies high-tech freezers to drug-makers to store and distribute vaccines and other medicines.

ULT Reliability in the Broadest Range of Operating Conditions

  • Widest temperature range: The ONLY commercially available ULT freezers that safely maintain temperatures from -86°C to -20°C and meet the cold storage efficacy requirements of most COVID-19 vaccine candidates, regardless of which are ultimately approved.
  • Universal power and voltage: All our units plug into 110V outlets and can be used worldwide without modifications. They are even brownout-tolerant.
  • Reliable Operation: Stirling Ultracold freezers operate in higher ambient room temperatures with minimal heat output.
  • Connectivity: Building management system IOT connectivity available.

Breakthrough Portability and Flexibility for Remote and Clinical Uses

  • Clinical: Portable and undercounter models bring -80°C vaccine storage to all points of patient care.
  • Multipurpose: The -86°C to -20°C range is adaptable to more situations, including freezer backup.

Smallest Facility Footprint With Lowest Operating Cost

  • Space: Store more vaccine and biospecimen inventory in less space within our compact footprint. The SU780XLE has the largest storage capacity per square foot/meter of floor space in its class.
  • Energy: Our revolutionary Stirling engine uses less energy per sample capacity to help maintain lower energy costs. Our SU780XLE is ENERGY STAR® certified.
  • Infrastructure: Significantly reduced power distribution/switchgear, backup power and HVAC system requirements.

Rapid Freezer Deployment

  • Delivery: Product can delivered quickly to help meet critical ULT storage needs.*
  • Setup: Fastest and simplest installation without modifications to building power or HVAC.

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