A cash-positive, no-capital ULT Freezer Replacement Program That’s a No-Brainer

Upgrade Your Ultra-Low Freezers for Better Reliability, Sample Safety and Lower Costs

Replace your aging, inefficient ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers with the industry’s most sustainable and advanced technology by signing up for our OPEX Lease-to-Own Program.

Our ULT freezers use up to 75% less energy than standard compressor-based units, which leads to lower infrastructure and HVAC costs. As a result, our compressor-free units save you 40% per years in operating expenses, giving you the lowest lifetime cost of operation per sample capacity of any ULT freezer.

Don’t delay! The OPEX Lease-to-Own program ends Dec. 31.

How OPEX Lease-to-Own Works

Example: Replace 10 legacy ULT freezers with 9 equivalent-capacity Stirling Ultracold SU780XLE upright freezers (700-box, high-density storage rack solution).

Here’s the estimated monthly budget for this case:

$3,831 (energy and operating cost savings)1
– $3,175 (lease payment from operating|budget)2

$656 (overall monthly savings!)

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Choose the Financing That Best Fits Your Needs

  • 36-, 48-, 60-month terms
  • Application-only financing up to $250,000
  • Pay off early without penalty

1 Estimated lifetime operating cost savings for lessees accrued over 60-month term
2 60-month, lease-to-own, $1/freezer buyout ownership at end of lease

Estimate How Much You Can Save

For typical legacy upright ULT freezer replacement*.

*Calculator is only for upright freezer replacement. Program applies to SU780XLE, SU105UE and ULT25NEU.

Enter values on the left and select “Estimate Savings” to see:

  • Number of Stirling Ultracold upright ULT freezers
  • Estimated 12 year lifetime operating cost savings accrued over 60 months**
  • Estimated monthly payments***

** Estimate based on energy, HVAC, space savings, and typical compressor replacements of legacy freezers.
*** Payment is for estimating purposes only. Final payment based on credit history. Does not include applicable state and local taxes and fees.

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