Global Cooling Free-Piston Stirling Engine Patents

Stirling Ultracold ultra-low freezers operate without costly refrigeration compressors or noisy cascade systems associated with ULT storage. Stirling Ultracold’s ULT freezers run an elegantly simple application that combines the Stirling Ultracold HUMM™ free-piston Stirling technology with a thermosiphon that contains no moving parts.

Intellectual Property Protection

Stirling Ultracold freezers and HUMM™ free-piston Stirling engines are protected by US and international patents.

M600, M150A and M150B Engines with Thermosiphon and Electronics

  • US Patent 6,901,845
  • Japanese Patent 3749651
  • Brazilian Patent P10210295-1
  • Chinese Patent ZL02819435.7
  • German Patent DE 102 97 347 B4
  • Italian Patent 3749651
  • US Patent 7,073,567 B2
  • Japanese Patent 4151886
  • Chinese Patent ZL02812539.8
  • German Patent 102 97 119
  • US Patent 6,550,255 B2
  • Patent Application WO2003016795 A1 and WO2002077547 A1
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  • US Patent Application US20130088176 A1

M600 Engine Only

  • US Patent 8,615,993.
  • Patent Application WO2011031616 A1