Small, Lightweight and Portable ULT Storage



Uniquely Portable and Reliable Ultra-Low Storage

The ULT25NEU is the only truly portable ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer available today for bringing cold chain sample and drug storage to patients and remote sites. It delivers safe and reliable ULT storage in the field and on the go, so you can:

  • Safely preserve and deliver biologic drugs at the clinical point of patient care, anywhere in the world
  • Collect temperature-sensitive samples and specimens at remote clinical trials
  • Easily deploy long-term storage of viable biological materials, anywhere there is a power outlet

Temperature control and handling limitations of dry ice storage can risk the viability of your valuable samples in the field, while compressor-based ULT freezers are too unwieldy and unreliable for deployment at remote sites. The revolutionary ULT25NEU was designed to solve these problems. With its compact and field-proven, free-piston Stirling engine technology, it brings portable, precisely controlled ULT storage anywhere there is a need for patient care, testing or specimen collection.

But this portability and small footprint do not come with compromise. The ULT25NEU is a 25-liter (0.9 cu. ft.) capacity ULT freezer with the same performance and reliability of our larger undercounter and upright models.

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Built for Clinical and Health Care Markets

  • Lightweight and easy to ship
  • Weighing only 46 lbs. (21 kg), the ULT25NEU can easily and inexpensively be shipped anywhere in the world.

  • Remotely monitor freezer performance
  • The unit is available with optional SenseAnywhere technology, which combines wireless sensors and secure cloud storage, to easily monitor and track ULT temperatures from anywhere 24/7.

  • Plug in anywhere
  • The ULT25NEU plugs into any 110V–240V outlet, worldwide, and can even run on 12V DC power with an automotive adapter.

  • Widest temperature range
  • Safely store valuable samples from -20°C to -86°C.

  • Smallest footprint, surprisingly big capacity
  • The ULT25NEU holds 18 2-inch boxes in a portable and lightweight size, made possible by our breakthrough ULT technology.

  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Designed for space and energy efficiency, the ULT25NEU uses less than 2.8 kWh/day at -80°C.

  • 100% natural refrigerants
  • Natural refrigerants are more environmentally sustainable and eliminate the need for special export shipping classifications.

  • Designed for today’s new era of medicine
  • Built for portability and reliability, the ULT25NEU is ideal for providers of regenerative medicine, cellular, genetic and immunotherapies, who need safe, long-term storage of temperature-sensitive treatments at multiple remote clinical sites.

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