Safer Samples, Less Energy, Lower Costs



ULT Reliability and Efficiency

The Stirling Ultracold SU780XLE is the most reliable and energy-efficient upright ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer available. Compared to other compressor-based ULTs, the SU780XLE:

  • Costs less to operate
  • Saves valuable laboratory space
  • Reduces your energy use

Compressor technology is expected to fail — putting your valuable samples at risk. But because the SU780XLE uses Stirling engine technology, which outlasts compressors, it keeps your samples safer.

You depend on valuable — often irreplaceable — biological materials to further your laboratory’s research. Don’t compromise the integrity of your specimens with less reliable, compressor-based ULTs that are prone to failure.

Top Five Rarely Asked — but Important — Questions When Purchasing a New ULT Freezer

Industry-Leading Performance

  • Keep your biological materials safer.
  • Maintains consistent temperatures (within +/-1°C at steady state) and quickly returns to setpoint when its doors are opened, keeping your samples safe.

  • Reduce your laboratory power use and costs.
  • Uses 70–75% less energy compared to standard compressor-based ULTs. In addition to reducing your ULT energy costs — because it generates 70–75% less heat than other units — you’ll reduce your HVAC costs.

  • Minimize maintenance.
  • With only a few moving parts and no oil anywhere in the system, there is virtually no maintenance required to keep it running at peak performance. Fewer components mean less risk of failure — and less risk to samples.

  • Save valuable lab space.
  • The SU780XLE has the largest storage capacity per square foot/meter of floor space, so you can store more samples in less space. With high-density sample storage, you may be able to purchase fewer freezers while also saving valuable lab real estate.

  • Improve your laboratory sustainability.
  • With the industry’s top ENERGY STAR® rating, you’ll use less energy and reduce your operating carbon footprint. The SU780XLE contains 100% natural refrigerants and is manufactured in a zero-waste facility, making it the most
    environmentally sustainable ULT available.

  • Lower your total cost of ownership.
  • With its low energy use and associated infrastructure, minimal maintenance requirements, reduced floor space and longer operating life, the SU780XLE has the lowest total cost of ownership for any ULT.

The Free-Piston Stirling Engine Difference

Compressor-based ULTs rely on outdated technology that is known to fail, which puts sample safety at risk. The SU780XLE doesn’t use compressors; it relies on the proven reliability of the Stirling engine to maintain stable temperatures in a wider range of conditions to keep your samples safer.

The innovative Stirling engine creates a variety of benefits you won’t find with a compressor-based ULT, including:

Wider temperature range. Other ULTs require you to maintain a setpoint of -80°C. The SU780XLE can maintain temperature setpoints anywhere between -86°C to -20°C.

Plugs into any outlet. The SU780XLE uses a universal power system, allowing an input voltage range of 100 to 240V at either 50 or 60HZ.

Less affected by power outages. The SU780XLE has the slowest warm-up time after a power outage, keeping your samples safer in the event of a power disruption.

Seven-year engine warranty. With only a few moving parts in the Stirling engine, there is less to go wrong, which is why we lead the industry in driving maintenance costs down.

Quiet operation. Since the Stirling engine doesn’t cycle on and off like a loud compressor, you won’t even know it’s running.

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