The Only Portable Ultra-Low Temperature Solution for Remote
Clinical Trials & Biologic Drug Delivery

With Stirling Ultracold’s ULT25NEU, portable ULT storage can be easily transported and deployed near patients for clinical research applications or precision medicine treatment. Weighing only 21 kg (46 lbs.), the ULT25NEU is easily shippable and can be carried by a single person. It will also plug into any outlet worldwide, including 110V to 240V, allowing for even more versatility. This ULT medical freezer is simply the best solution for clinical trials associated with pharma and biotech research.

Temperature Stability and Reliability You Can Count On

With the ULT25NEU, you get the sample safety, cold integrity and reliability of larger Stirling Ultracold ULT freezers in a portable, deployable size for fieldwork. Unlike dry ice or LN2 dewars, the ULT25NEU ULT temperatures stay within +/- 1°C temperature variation (steady-state). You don’t have to worry about thawing or the addition of dry ice to maintain stable cold storage in remote locations. And operating the ULT25NEU is easy with minimal training required.

ULT25NEU ULT Freezer Benefits for Clinical Trials

Available only with Stirling What You Gain
ONLY truly portable ULT freezer available
that can be easily shipped anywhere
Portable, reliable, continuous ULT operation; better sample safety and integrity than dry ice or dewars
Lightest overall weight: 46 lbs. Low shipping costs; easy to handle; parcel shipping rather than freight (no dock required)
Built-in universal power supply Plugs into any AC outlet or 12v DC, worldwide; no power converters; one freezer for all global destinations; mobile ULT storage potential
Smallest footprint, in a class by itself Convenient to place almost anywhere on site
NO compressors to fail: only 2 moving parts! More reliable; best for sample safety and integrity;
18 2-inch boxes in very small footprint
Wide temperature range, -20°C to -86°C Consolidates/reduces freezer purchases
with one flexible use freezer
11 grams of 100% natural refrigerant No special export shipping classification required; no HFCs that are damaging to the atmosphere

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