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Stirling Ultra-Low Temperature Research Freezers

In addition to cryogenic storage, many tissue samples can be safely stored in ultra-low temperature freezers. Tissue samples are typically kept at cryogenic or ultracold temperatures to ensure optimal preservation of laboratory biological samples, including tissues, blood, enzyme, and even drug samples. Ultra-low temperature freezers can reach a temperature as low as -86 ℃ to ensure maximum preservation of tissue samples. 

Many standard cold storage methods require the use of liquid nitrogen. However, Stirling Ultracold’s innovative cooling technology provides optimal preservation of many biologic material types without the need for liquid nitrogen.

Research samples must remain in a freezer with a lower temperature range to accommodate changes with freezer door openings. For extended shelf life and inventory safety, select one of our three ultra-low temperature freezer products

Our ULT solutions are a result of world-class development, customer services and manufacturing standards. Stirling Ultracold is a proud manufacturer of advanced cooling and freezing systems for science and research around the world. Read on to learn more about our available list of ultra-low temperature freezers for long-term frozen sample storage.


Our ULTs For Sample Storage

Stirling Ultracold offers three ultra-low temperature freezers for the use of biologic material storage in laboratory settings.

The ULT25NEU is a truly portable ULT freezer, best for bringing cold samples to clinics and laboratories for long-term storage at remote sites. Temperature control and capacity limitations of dry ice and liquid nitrogen dewars are no match for the revolutionary ULT25NEU. With its compact Stirling engine technology, the Portable ULT25NEU provides precise sample storage anywhere there is a power outlet without compromising the performance of other ULTs.

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Portable ULT25NEU




The Compact SU105UE from Stirling Ultracold is a ULT made specifically for bench-side personal sample storage where larger-volume ULTs cannot fit. Our space-saving method for ULT storage delivers the same performance as full-size ULT models. The SU105UE is perfect for storing frozen materials or warming up samples and biologics in stages. The SU105UE is ideal for optimizing laboratory or treatment clinic space.

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The upright SU780XLE ULT freezer is the most energy-efficient and best performing upright ULT system available. Not only is the upright SU780XLE cost-effective, but it also saves laboratory space and reduces freezer energy use. With the upright SU780XLE, you will never compromise the integrity of your tissue samples with an unreliable ULT.

Stirling engine technology and performance is best-in-class, protecting your biological samples from any harm. Researchers trust their samples with storage solutions from Stirling Ultracold as their most dependable storage solution.

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Upright SU780XLE

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